I highly recommend Rick for tutoring! He was so helpful and great at explaining everything that I felt so prepared when I went in to take the ACTs. My score ended up improving 4 points which I feel so proud of and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without his help. He was so kind and I felt that he was very invested in making sure that I performed well on the test.

S.L., Downingtown, ACT increase of 4 points (Feb 2016 test)

A couple of weeks ago I asked my daughter how it was going with Rick and if she felt that she was getting positive traction from the tutoring sessions.  She turned to me and said, “Absolutely.  And in addition, Rick is making me smarter in all of my classes”.  We are very happy with the services.  We will be recommending Rick to all our friends.

Parent of B.T., Mission Viejo, California

Rick tutored my son, Paul, on the SAT. He had previously taken them without studying and did well but wanted a better score. Rick was recommended by Paul’s college advisers. Rick was professional and easy to work with. We live further away, so after the initial meeting, they used skype for the sessions. Paul enjoyed the sessions and his SAT score went up 260 points which included a perfect 800 on the math section. We would highly recommend Rick.

Parent of Paul T., Schwenksville, SAT increase of 260 points in 8 weeks (Jan/Feb 2016 test)

My wife and I wanted a tutor for our son that had experience with the SAT/ACT. We were blessed to find Rick. Yes, he is pricey, but trust me, its well worth it if you want your son or daughter to succeed. Rick not only tutors for the exams, he actually takes them himself. We interviewed a bunch of tutors before we found Rick. They all claimed they had the best tutoring results, but how can you claim you have the best results and never sit for the exams annually. He took the time to understand what the problems our son was having and created a lesson plan for him. Our son had his sights set on a tier 2 school before tutoring sessions with Rick. We are proud to say that he was accepted to 9 out of 11 schools he applied, 3 ranked in the top 30 according to US News and World Report. It could not have happened with Rick. He is challenging, detailed and extremely patient. My sons score went up 5 points from the first ACT score after tutoring with Rick. If you want your child to get it right the first time, choose Rick.

Parent of H.P., Newark (DE), ACT increase of 5 points (Oct 2016 test)

Rick is fantastic. He’s very experienced with the tests so he’s basically reverse engineered all the patterns and algorithms that go into making them. His feedback on essays is very thorough and constructive. His tutoring gave me a lot of confidence going into the test and I ended up getting a total of 3 questions wrong on the entire SAT. He really helps you understand why you got certain questions wrong and how to recognize the same types of questions in the future and how to answer them correctly. I highly recommend Rick for everyone.

N.Y., Chadds Ford, SAT increase of 170 points to 2380 TOTAL in 5 weeks (Jan/Feb 2016 test)