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I have over 15,000 hours of experience tutoring more than 1,500 students for the ACT® and SAT® as well as teaching mathematics at the high school level. I am a certified High School Mathematics teacher and was recognized by ETS for scoring in the top 15% of all Praxis II Mathematics test takers. I am available to tutor for the SAT®, PSAT®, and ACT®.

In high school I scored 1550/1600 on the SAT® (780M, 770V) and was accepted to Princeton and MIT. I graduated from Princeton University with a B.S.E. in Operations Research and Financial Engineering in 2000 and worked in finance for several years before returning to school to take education courses at Delaware Valley College.

After finishing my coursework at Delaware Valley, I obtained secondary teacher certification and worked as a math teacher at Twin Valley High School.  At Twin Valley, I designed and executed lesson plans for both Honors and Academic level classes in Geometry and Algebra II utilizing the CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics) curriculum.  I also worked as a tutor in the STEP Program, an in-house Alternative Education Program, to aid students in their transition back to regular classes.  I have experience working with a co-teacher to effectively differentiate instruction and challenge students with a wide range of abilities and learning styles in an inclusive classroom. Students describe me as patient, effective, able to inspire, and sometimes humorous. I truly enjoy helping students achieve their goals.

In an effort to understand the SAT® test better, I began taking the test myself in January 2013. A copy of my score report is below. Out of 67 Reading questions, 54 Math questions, and 49 Writing questions, I answered just one reading question incorrectly. I pay for the test and take 4 hours of my time on a Saturday morning to do this to make sure I can most effectively teach students what is being tested and deliver what I believe is an unparalleled tutoring experience. (Update: On the October 2013 test I scored 2380/2400)

In an effort to understand the “Revised” SAT® test better, I took the test myself in May 2016. Scores were 1600/1600 with perfect score on Essay. A copy of my score report is here.

In an effort to understand the ACT® test better, I took the test myself in April 2016. Scores were English 36, Math 36, Reading 35 (oops), Science 36, Composite Total=36, Essay=36. A copy of my score report is here.

When not tutoring, I enjoy spending time with my two sons and daughter learning about Pokemon and working in our garden.

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To contact me directly, please email richardk@alumni.princeton.edu or call 610-350-1335.