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Additional Testimonials

Rick – Just wanted to thank you and your team for the SAT training class. My daughter found it very helpful, especially understanding the College Board approach and the logic behind the questions. Having a better idea what to expect built her confidence and eased her anxiety about taking the test. And … drum roll … she got a 1590 on her first time taking the test.
So, thanks again – the training was a great investment.

-Parent Michelle, student at Unionville High School

Her score increase by 110! So thrilled to see!
Proud mom,

-L.C., Parent of Wilmingtown Charter School Student, SAT Math increase of 90 points (March 2019 test)

Hi Rick – Paul got a 1300 on his sat. We are very happy with his score. I have referred you to a few people from EA and will be using your services again for my daughter when the time comes!

Thank you –

-Parent H.M., West Chester (Episcopal Academy student), SAT increase of over 100 points (2019 tests)

Thank you very much with working with her.  She went up 70 points on the reading/writing portion to get to a 690.  She is very happy!
So thanks again.  She really liked working with you and got great results.

-Parent of Ashley W., Kennett Square (Kennett High School), (August 2019 SAT – prepped Reading only))

Rick’s SAT prep class worked efficiently and effectively for my son. We are really happy with his score! The test prep was extremely helpful in allowing my son to go into the test with confidence, and achieve an amazingly high score. Furthermore, Rick’s tips on how to tackle the essay portion not only helped my son during the SAT test, but were also useful for essays and timed writings in school as well! We would highly recommend Rick to anyone looking for SAT prep.

-Parent Youli Y., Downingtown (Downingtown STEM Academy), student received perfect 1600 after attending 3-day bootcamp!

Working with Rick was the best decision my wife and I have made during the college admission process. We don’t live close to Rick’s work center so our daughter did all tutoring sessions with Rick via Skype – I have to admit I was a little nervous about how effective this would be – but it was absolutely terrific – the prep was comprehensive and at the exact right level and work load for her. She improved her SAT score almost 200 points and working with Rick was a huge part of it. 5 Stars for sure. Don’t look anywhere else – work with Rick.

-Tim D., parent of student in Boston (ONLINE Prep) (June 2019 test)

Cannot say enough wonderful things about Rick. My son completed his Sunday group classes in the middle of wrestling season. Can you say overwhelmed? His score jumped 180 points and was well worth the investment. Rick takes the time to get to know each student and offers individualized support even in the group environment.

-Parent Lauren P., Downingtown (Downingtown East High School), SAT increase of 180 points (March 2019 test)

My daughter completed Rick’s ten hour one-to-one tutoring program, and we could not be more thrilled with the results. He customized her lessons to focus on exactly what she needed to do to prepare for the test, and her score increased over two hundred points from December to March. We highly recommend Rick’s services.

-Parent Dosie R., Downingtown (Downingtown East High School), SAT increase of 210 points to 1500 total (March 2019 test)

Rick was a wonderful resource for our daughter. He was knowledgable, convenient and easy to work with. We highly recommend him!

-Amy K., Kennett Square (Unionville High School parent), SAT increase of 120 points (Nov 2018 test)

I just wanted to tell you that I got my finalized SAT score back in June. The summer was really busy, but I just wanted to thank you for everything. I got a 1530 – a 780 on the reading and writing and a 750 on the math.
Thank you for everything once again!

-S.N., West Chester (Unionville High School), SAT increase of over 120 points (June 2019 SAT)

Colin took the SAT two times and his him for super score is 1300. Two weeks ago he committed to Franklin in Marshall College where he will also play lacrosse. It is a very competitive academic school so your support with the SATs was definitely a boost for Colin and this opportunity. Thanks so much,

-Parent S.H., (Malvern Prep student), SAT increase of over 150 points (March 2019 test)

RK Test Prep is the best. They helped raise each of my sons SAT scores over 200 points. Great to work with and very flexible on times!

-Parent Chuck S., Great Valley, SAT increases of over 200 points (2015 and 2019 SATs)

We highly recommend RK Test Prep. Rick helped our son prepare for the SAT and the ACT and he had great success with both, including a perfect ACT score of 36. Rick not only helped our son figure out what to study and how to manage his time, he was also a wonderful teacher and presented the material in a clear way that really made the difference for our son. We will definitely use his services again in a few years when our daughter is ready for test prep.

-Parent Kelly S. of student at PA Cyber Charter School, West Chester, perfect 36 ACT score (July 2019 test)

I hired Rick to prepare both my kids for the SATs. Yes, he’s pricey but definitely worth it. They both substantially increased their scores. Rick motivated them to put in the effort and their hard work under his guidance got results, not to mention boosted their confidence…money well spent.

-Parent Terry H. of students at Henderson High School, (2019 tests)

Rick prepared my son very well for his first attempt at the SAT – my son’s score was excellent and he does not need to take the test again. I highly recommend Rick as an SAT tutor.

-Parent Robin H. of student at Downingtown STEM Academy, (March 2019 SAT)

Rick was a great tutor! He helped me improve both my test taking skills and my confidence level with the SAT! I was able to receive a much better score on my test and his tips helped guide me through difficult sections of the test. I would highly recommend him for all high school students!

-Student Jenny K., Unionville High School, SAT increase of 100 points (March 2018 test) after 5 hours of prep

Our son did SAT prep with Rick and he really did a great job preparing him for the test and reviewing areas where he needed to focus. Our son did both group and individual sessions and we were really pleased with his score. Highly recommend Rick for test prep!

-Parent of Kyle Q., West Chester (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 140 points (December 2018 test)

My daughter did one-on-one SAT test prep with Rick over the summer. Rick taught her the strategies and skills she needed to feel confident and achieve a very high level of success on her first official SAT. We were very pleased with her results after working with Rick. He is fantastic, and we will work with Rick again in the future.

-Pam D., parent of Academy of Notre Dame de Namur student, Chester Springs (August 2018 test, SAT increase of 240 points)

Rick provided comprehensive SAT tutoring for my daughter. As a result she was very well prepared for the test, and was comfortable with the material. Her scores went up by over 200 points. He has a ton of reference material and practice tests for the kids, which helps them effectively prepare.

-Benjamin S., parent of Henderson High School student, SAT increase of 210 points (October 2018 test)

I contacted Rick after my daughter reluctantly agreed to getting some help with her test prep. She took the ACT a couple times but couldn’t reach the score she was hoping for. After working with Rick, she said it was very focused and efficient and he really helped her a lot. She got the score she needed, actually got accepted into every school she applied to, and got a nice financial aid package based on merit at the school of her choice. We are very pleased with his tutoring and I’m happy we found him.

-Parent Sharon K., West Chester

Rick was amazing! My child’s score went up 100 points with the guidance and confidence gained from his classes. It was definitely well worth seeking his assistance! We heard about him through a friend who had a similarly spectacular rise in scores. Absolutely worthwhile!

-Parent of Ella M., Chadds Ford, Unionville High School, SAT Math increase of 90 points (May 2018 test)

We highly recommend Rick. He tutored our daughter one on one so he could focus on her strengths and weaknesses. She completed the homework and he answered any problems she had. Not only did she improve her scores but she also gained confidence to take the SAT.

-Parent Daniel B., West Chester, SAT increase of 150 points (2017 tests)

Rick made great use of the condensed time frame that we had for test prep focusing on tackling math for SAT and ACT and the Science section of the ACT. His assessment of what to focus on was spot on. My son raised his his ACT score from a 32 to a 35 by improving his math score from a 30 to 33 and science score from 28 to 34. And scored a 1570 on the SAT. The one on one, tailored approach was worth the price tag vs. a group prep situation. I think Rick’s program is a worthy investment particularly for those strong students trying to reach a top score.

-Parent of JP B., Chadds Ford (Unionville High School), (2017 SAT & ACT tests)

Rick was so knowledgeable and professional. He understood the test completely and took the time to get to understand my daughter’s test taking ability and study habits. He helped to improve her score and confidence.

-Parent Christina C., West Chester (2017 tests)

Rick was amazing! He worked with our son and improved his score by almost 200 points! Our son was so excited that he continues to use Ricks studying strategies and wants to take the test again. Thanks Rick, we will highly recommend you to all of our friends.

-Parent Paul C. of student at West Chester East High School, West Chester (March 2018 test)

Rick is the consummate professional. Kept his appointments and was always on time. He helped with my child’s SAT and gave him such great advice. We loved working with him!

-Parent Christina K., ONLINE student in Washington, DC (Maret School), SAT increase of 130 points (March 2018 tests)

My daughters SAT score went up 110 points after working with Rick. We are thrilled and she didn’t even mind getting up on Saturday mornings! Highly recommend!!

-Parent Susanne T., Garnet Valley (Garnet Valley High School), SAT increase of 110 points (March 2018 test)

After preparing for several sessions with Rick, my daughter’s SAT scores improve dramatically, and ultimately received an almost perfect score on the multiple choice and a 22 on the essay. Rick was able to efficiently help my daughter to raise her scores, ensuring that my daughter did not have to give up much of her extracurricular activities while prepping for the SAT. In addition, Rick is extremely knowledgeable about the test and knows exactly how to help you prep your weakest areas. Especially, his essay feedback extremely helpful, and my daughter ended up with a higher score than many of my peers who attended summer-long SAT camps. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone looking to raise their test scores!

-Parent of Jessica L., Kennett Square (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 120 points to 1590 (Nov 2017 test)

Our daughter really benefited from the sessions with Rick. All of the material she had previously struggled with suddenly made sense, almost immediately she said. Her ACT score jumped up 5 points. We were extremely happy with the results and level of service from Rick, I recommend him highly.

-Parent Brian M., West Chester, ACT increase of 5 points (April 2017 ACT)

Using Rick for ACT tutoring was the best decision we could of made for our daughter and her score. She went up 7 points on the ACT test with 6 sessions and homework. That is an amazing jump in score! His knowledge and understanding of the ACT is incredible and his passion for teaching is contagious with his students. I highly recommend investing with Rick!

-Parent Tracey T., West Chester, ACT increase of 6 points (Feb 2018 test)

Recommend highly. Extremely knowledgeable. Extremely well qualified and has unbelievable credentials. Explains concepts very plainly and clearly. You can absolutely trust anything that he says about SAT/ACT as fact.

-Student Ted F., Wilmington, Charter School of Wilmington, SAT increase of 150 points (2017 SAT)

Rick was so helpful in preparing my son for the ACT. His approach was strengths-based and positive, and he helped my son feel more confident and less anxious as the test approached. My son’s scores from his pre-ACT to the actual test jumped several points. I’d highly recommend Rick.

-Parent Mary R. of student at Strath Haven High School, Wallingford, ACT increase of 5 points (June 2017 test)

Rick’s test prep was a wonderful experience for my son. It was totally tailored to his needs and busy schedule. My sons scores improved dramatically! This was my sixth son to go through a test prep and Ricks was head and shoulders above the rest!

-Parent Anne W. of student at Malvern Prep, (2017 tests)

We have had an excellent experience with Rick at RK Test Prep. Not only is Rick pleasant and professional, he is able to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the student. He helped our son with SAT coaching, which helped him meet his goals. I highly recommend Rick.

-Parent Madhu S. of student at Haverford School, (2017 SAT)

Rick is the gold standard when it comes to standardized test prep. After training with Rick for six sessions for the SAT and completing the weekly homework, I managed to score a 1570 on the multiple choice and a 21 on the essay. He truly understands the test and breaks in down into very simple patterns. Rick also seems to possess an infinite amount of useful training material, so you will not run out of opportunities to practice. Moreover, Rick puts you in the right mindset for test taking so that you are able to confidently conquer the exam. Finally, he is a very pleasant person to work with.

-Student Adam M., Malvern Prep, SAT increase of 130 points to 1570 (March 2018 test)

After working with Rick over 7 sessions, my daughter was able to raise her score 200 points. He is great, has a relaxed demeanor and instills confidence, I highly recommend him!

-Parent of Maddie R., Bryn Mawr (Harriton High School), SAT increase of 200 points (March 2018 test)

The improved test scores helped them tremendously and I want to thank you for your help.  They are both going to Penn State and they were offered main campus! They are both very excited!  I don’t know if they would have made it if it wasn’t for your help.

-Parent of Henderson High School students, West Chester, (August 2017 test)

Hi Mr. K!!!!!!!

So the SAT went really really well. I got a 1420 even 710 both reading and writing! Thank you so so much for the help and tutoring.

-Grace J., Downingtown East High School student, SAT increase of 90 points (March 2018 test)

I had the pleasure of teaching and coaching Rick at East High School in the 90’s. Great student, great wrestler, and a great person. I have been teaching in the WCASD since 1993. I am also the father of two 11th grade girls who attend Rustin High School. Without question my choice for their SAT/Act tutor was Rick K. He is without question one of the best around. I HIGHLY recommend Rick for your child as well. My girls were VERY happy with their results

-Parent Mike S., West Chester, ACT increases of 2 and 5 points (February 2017 test)

I highly recommend Rick! He assisted my son in preparing for two rounds of ACT testing … achieving 4 point improvement in the process. Will definitely use Rick’s services for my freshman daughter in two years.

-Parent of Jake G., West Chester, ACT increase of 4 points (April 2017 test)

We were referred to Rick by our college counselor and I’m so thankful. Rick was great and my daughters SAT scores increased close to 200 points. He sent a personalized summary after each session and assigned homework, specific to my daughters needs. If you put in the work, you will see results. We would highly recommend seeing Rick with your test prep needs!

-Parent Amy R.., West Chester, SAT increase of 170 points (May 2017 test)

Rick is wonderful. Very professional and thorough. He gives highly valuable instruction and information on both the ACT and SAT. He sends an email after every session stating what was covered and what assignments were given, which I really appreciated. My daughter was able to raise her ACT English section score by 9 points!  I highly recommend his services.

-Parent Kathy M., West Chester, (June 2017 ACT)

Rick is a great tutor. Scheduling was convenient and best of all my daughter’s ACT scores went from a 28 to a 31. Highly recommend!

-Parent Laura O., West Chester, ACT increase of 3 points (April 2017 test)

Rick was very helpful with helping me understand the math concepts that I needed to prepare me for my SATs. He also gave me the confidence I needed to improve my score!

-Amanda M., Sinking Spring (January 2017 test)

I will be attending the University of Southern California this Fall. I’m in the Computer Science/Business Administration program/major in the engineering school.
I think my improved test scores helped me in my college admissions. My high school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science/Tech, has a fairly high SAT average (I think it’s around 2200), so having a 2340 helped me stand out. I was deciding between UNC-Chapel Hill and USC, and after visiting USC I knew it was the right place for me.
Thank you for your help; you are a great teacher!
Best regards and thanks,

-S.C., ONLINE student in Washington, DC (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology), (OLD) SAT increase of 460 (2015/2016 tests)

She improved to a 1310 for SATs!  Very happy with results.

Thank you so much for everything.

-Parent Ned B., West Chester (Henderson High School), SAT increase of over 100 points (January 2017 test)

I attached Christina’s May SAT score report… she reached her goal of 1300 exactly! thank you:)

-Parent of Christina D., West Chester, SAT increase of 190 points (May 2017 test)

She did improve from a 22 to a 27, which is impressive! We cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts!

-Parent Sarah N., West Chester, ACT increase of 5 points (June 2017 ACT)

I just wanted to let you know that Jake went up 150 points on his SATs. The first time he took them Reading was 480, Math 530. After being tutored with you, Reading was 530 and Math was 630. Thanks!

-Parent Becky S., Sinking Spring, (2017 SAT)

As an educator and professor, I would personally and professionally recommend Rick’s services to aspiring college students. Rick instills confidence in the student, provides valuable test taking strategies, and produces improved scores as a result. Our son increased his SAT scores by 100 points. I give Rick a 5 star recommendation.

-Parent Karen H., Atglen, (2017 SAT)

Rick helped me increase my SAT by 130 points. He really taught me some great tips and had me practice all the relevant materials.

-Will C., West Chester, SAT increase of 130 points (May 2017 test)

Rick is a great teacher, and really helps the student understand the material. If you want to do well on the test this is your best bet.

-Harry M., West Chester (2017 SAT)

Rick did a great job with helping my son. His confidence and scores went up. My son said he learned so much about test taking and I would highly recommend him.

-Parent Lisa G., West Chester, (2017 SAT)

I chose RK Test Prep based on previous excellent reviews. With the convenient location and very accommodating schedule, it was an easy decision. I was very pleased with the weekly progress reports on the sessions, homework and practice tests. My daughter said the sessions were very productive and she felt very prepared going into the SAT; much more so than the group class we had taken at the High School. Her score improved by 110 points. I highly recommend RK Test Prep

-Parent Siubhan C., West Chester, SAT increase of 110 points (January 2017 test)

We finally got Kirsten’s updated ACT score and it was a 31. So she is really happy with it, as are we. Thank you for all your hard work, your insight was invaluable to Kirsten. We will be recommending you to everyone we can.

-Parent Brian M., West Chester (Unionville High School), ACT increase of 3 points (June 2017 test)

Nina got her scores back today. 780 Verbal, 750 Math, 21 Essay. She says Thank you!

-Parent of Nina S., Colorado, SAT increase of 130 points in 2 weeks (June 2017 test)

I received a 1310 which was 60 point above my original goal of 1250!

Thanks for all your help!

-Grace C., Glen Mills, SAT increase of 110 points (March 2017 test)

Rick is an absolutely amazing tutor! He is so patient, knowledgeable and very thorough with his instruction. My daughter benefited greatly from his expertise. She was tutored for both the SAT (fall of 2014 & spring of 2015) and the ACT (spring of 2015) exams – 8 weeks sessions each time. Rick gave homework every week and this, along with the weekly tutoring sessions, helped her scores go up quite a bit on both tests. It is so very important to complete the weekly homework assignments in order to get the most out of each tutoring session. I can’t stress this enough…your student will get out of it what they put into it.

My daughter took the SAT exam twice and received scores over 2100 each time – the second time higher than the first. She also took the ACT the first time without studying or benefit of tutoring and received a 32. This test seemed to click with her test taking style better than the SAT. With Rick’s help and her persistent determination, she took the test again and received a 35…far exceeding her goal! This score helped her get admitted to an Ivy League college…Columbia University in the City of New York into the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS). She did not even submit her SAT scores due to her high ACT score.

Rick knows the “tips and tricks” to be successful at test taking and to help a student understand the information presented in each question. He actually takes the exams himself! Rick is very flexible when it comes to working out a tutoring schedule…we all know things come up since it is a busy time for students and parents alike. Both my daughter and I received a summary every week of her progress and what was expected for the next session. This was helpful especially if either one of us had questions regarding the tutoring sessions. He was always available to my daughter to answer questions regarding her weekly assignments. Also, he specifically tailors his instruction to each student…this is a much more useful and preferable approach to take vs the big tutoring companies where a student may get lost in the shuffle.

Thank you Rick for helping my daughter get into her #1 college choice! We were referred to RK Test Prep and Rick by friends and I wouldn’t hesitate one second to recommend Rick for all of your child’s ACT/SAT tutoring needs. Use Rick and no one else!!

-Parent Cheryl V., West Chester, (2016 SAT & ACT)

I wanted to share the great news with you: my ACT composite score is a 35!!! Thank you so much for all your help. If anyone ever needs to speak to one of your references I will gladly do it! If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know!

You are Awesome!
All the best,
-Nikola D., Toronto, CA, (2016 ACT)

Rich was a great tutor who provided me the tools to get the scores that I desired. Through Rich’s tutoring, I became extremely familiar & confident with my standardized tests. Highly recommend to everyone.

-Jimmy B., West Chester, ACT increase of 10 points to 34 (April 2016 test)

My daughter, Carly, received tutoring from Rick after taking the SAT with no formal preparation. Rick helped Carly improve her score by almost 200 points. She was very pleased with his assistance and style. She never felt pressured by Rick, but was challenged appropriately, and was able to achieve her goals for SAT scoring.

-Chris L., West Chester, (2016 Old SAT)

Rick did a great job tutoring my son Michael in preparation for the SAT and ACT. Rick focused on the areas that needed improvement and Michael scored a 34 on the ACT and a 1450 out of 1600 on the SAT! Fabulous! Can’t thank him enough!

-Kristin D., parent, Downingtown (2016 SAT & ACT)

Rick is fantastic. He’s very experienced with the tests so he’s basically reverse engineered all the patterns and algorithms that go into making them. His feedback on essays is very thorough and constructive. His tutoring gave me a lot of confidence going into the test and I ended up getting a total of 3 questions wrong on the entire SAT. He really helps you understand why you got certain questions wrong and how to recognize the same types of questions in the future and how to answer them correctly. I highly recommend Rick for everyone.

-N.Y., Chadds Ford, SAT increase of 170 points to 2380 TOTAL in 5 weeks (Jan/Feb 2016 test)

Rick is the best and he gave my daughter the confidence and all the tools to score 33 on the ACT. He did this within a few weeks of meeting with her. This is a dramatic increase from a score of 23 from a practice test at a famous test prep franchise, that even suggested that ACT was not her test. I am going to use Rick for my son next.
Pick Rick and you will be glad!

-Parent of Iswarya V., West Chester, (2016 tests)

Rick was a great tutor. Super nice and extremely helpful. I highly recommend.

-Joey A., Downingtown, (2016 ACT & SAT tests)

Our son had an excellent experience with RK Test Prep. Rick is very professional, efficient and able to prepare/motivate his students to achieve their personal best. We HIGHLY recommend this service!

-Parents of Justin C., West Chester, (2016 ACT & SAT tests)

Rick tutored my son, Paul, on the SAT. He had previously taken them without studying and did well but wanted a better score. Rick was recommended by Paul’s college advisers. Rick was professional and easy to work with. We live further away, so after the initial meeting, they used skype for the sessions. Paul enjoyed the sessions and his SAT score went up 260 points which included a perfect 800 on the math section. We would highly recommend Rick.

-Parent of Paul T., Schwenksville, SAT increase of 260 points in 8 weeks (Jan/Feb 2016 test)

Rick helped my son prepare for both the ACT and the SAT. He was perfect for him as he was able to tailor make the tutoring sessions and assignments to his needs, pace and goals whilst also sharing many tips for good test taking. He ended up with a 35 on the ACT, a perfect 800 on the math SAT and 750 on the writing. We would highly recommend Rick to any student who wants to improve their scores.

-Parent Karen R., West Chester, ACT increase of 4 points (2016 tests)

I highly recommend Rick for tutoring! He was so helpful and great at explaining everything that I felt so prepared when I went in to take the ACTs. My score ended up improving 4 points which I feel so proud of and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without his help. He was so kind and I felt that he was very invested in making sure that I performed well on the test.

-Sarah L., Downingtown, ACT increase of 4 points (Feb 2016 test)

Rick helped me improve in every category in the ACT in just 5 visits. He is extremely knowledgeable about ACT test taking strategies and has a great way of explaining and teaching the lessons so they are easy to understand.

-Nick A., West Chester, ACT increase of 3 points (June 2016 test)

My son Neil tutored with Rick for his ACT and SAT preparation. Rick tailored the teaching based on Neil’s need and I saw that Neil’s confidence grew and he did well on both. Rick is very knowledgeable and helpful. If I had to choose again, I will go with Rick with no hesitation.
Rick, thank you very much all your help

-Parent Raj J., Paoli, (2016 SAT & ACT)

Using Rick as a SAT tutor I went from around a 1200 on the SAT to a 1400. Rick was very flexible and worked with my life. I had a surgery on my knee and had to rework many of my visits. Rick was always very understanding and willing to work with my schedule. Even if you are busy Rick can work you in. As long as you do your homework and follow his test taking instructions you will see results from his SAT class. Thank you Rick.

-Sean L., Wilmington, ACT increase of 4 points (September 2016 test)

Rick was a true professional. His approach was organized and detailed, and he was very responsive to my needs. We worked on areas of general interest as well as those that needed extra help. Thank you for your support!

-Katherine B., Washington, DC, (September 2016 ACT)

Rick was recommended by my son’s College Planner and we are thrilled with the results! Rick met with our son 1 on 1 on a weekly basis and provided direction, practice questions/tests and homework to prepare him for the test. Our Son’s score improved in both the Math and Reading!!!

-John W., West Chester, SAT increase of over 100 points (June 2016 test)

Rick turned me from an ACT zero to an ACT hero in 4 sessions (29 to a 34). He managed to teach in a way that familiarized me with the test material and bred a sense of self-sufficiency in approaching questions (math especially). His immense caché of tests and review materials were also an immense help. In total, Rick Koshgerian is the Koshergeri-man you should see for test prep!

-Ryan W., West Chester, ACT increase of 5 points (September 2016 test)

Excellent experience and results. With just four 1 hour tutoring sessions, Rick helped improve my child’s math score 90 points from the PSAT to the new SAT, exceeding our goals. My child found Rick to be very engaging, a pleasure to work with and able to simplify complex subjects. Highly recommended.

-Parent of Adam K., Kennett Square, SAT Math increase of 90 points (March 2016 test)

Rick is a great person and did a spectacular job in preparing me for the ACT. He greatly improved my skills for the science and math sections.

-Peter O., Havertown, ACT increase of 4 points (April 2016 test)

I started with a 1880 old SAT score (approx. 27 ACT) as well as a 27 on my first ACT practice test. I was able to improve my score to a 30 composite score on the actual exam and a 33 writing score. All thanks to Rick’s great preparation techniques, essay advice, and obviously the time I spent preparing for the exam. Overall, I would highly recommend this service.

-Reid N., Media, ACT increase of 3 points (April 2016 test)

I interviewed several tutors to prepare my daughter for her ACT exam and finally selected Rick. What a GREAT choice! She scored a 30 on her practice ACT and we were hoping to increase that to a 32 or maybe even 33. With Rick’s help, she scored a 34 on her first try. She loved working with Rick. The first few sessions were at his office and then she switched to online tutoring and they were every bit as effective. He’s obviously very knowledgeable but his ability to adapt his method of tutoring to get the most out of his students is second to none. My daughter and I highly recommend Rick for any type of tutoring.

-Parent Rodney G., Wilmington, (Feb 2017 ACT)

If you are looking for a tutor that is knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and worth every moment of your time, tutor with Rick. He will definitely help you to achieve your SAT/ACT score goals, provide you with customized subject materials, is always available to answer any questions, and he will provide session updates via email. You will go into the test feeling confident, prepared, and you will be excited when you see that you hit your goal with your score increase!

-Kelly C., Downingtown, (Jan 2016 SAT)

Mr. K was an amazing tutor who helped me improve my SAT scores by 290 points and gain confidence for test day. His extensive knowledge of the test, advice, and plethora of resources helped me to study and hone in on my skills as well as realize what I needed to improve in. I would gladly recommend Mr. K to anyone who wants to improve their score and learn how to tackle the test.

-Jessica J., Springfield, (Old) SAT increase of 290 points (October 2015 test)

My wife and I wanted a tutor for our son that had experience with the SAT/ACT. We were blessed to find Rick. Yes, he is pricey, but trust me, its well worth it if you want your son or daughter to succeed. Rick not only tutors for the exams, he actually takes them himself. We interviewed a bunch of tutors before we found Rick. They all claimed they had the best tutoring results, but how can you claim you have the best results and never sit for the exams annually. He took the time to understand what the problems our son was having and created a lesson plan for him. Our son had his sights set on a tier 2 school before tutoring sessions with Rick. We are proud to say that he was accepted to 9 out of 11 schools he applied, 3 ranked in the top 30 according to US News and World Report. It could not have happened with Rick. He is challenging, detailed and extremely patient. My sons score went up 5 points from the first ACT score after tutoring with Rick. If you want your child to get it right the first time, choose Rick.

-Parent of Hunter P., Newark (DE), ACT increase of 5 points (Oct 2016 test)

When I began studying for the SAT the summer before my junior year, I was struggling a lot. But after I started working with Rick my grades across all three sections began to dramatically improve. Not only was Rick extremely familiar with the format and the material of the exam, he was also reliable, punctual, friendly, and supportive. Without his help, I would not have been able to do nearly as well as I did on the SAT. Working with Rick allowed me to increase my test score by almost 300 points. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone seeking a tutor for these exams.

-Chloe C., New York, 270 point increase on (OLD) SAT (March 2015 test)

A couple of weeks ago I asked my daughter how it was going with Rick and if she felt that she was getting positive traction from the tutoring sessions.  She turned to me and said, “Absolutely.  And in addition, Rick is making me smarter in all of my classes”.  We are very happy with the services.  We will be recommending Rick to all our friends.

-Parent of B.T., Mission Viejo, California

Rick was such a great tutor! He helped me to increase both my score and my overall confidence towards taking the SAT. Thanks to his many test-taking tips and the weekly practice tests he provided for me, I was able to earn a 2400 on the test. I would recommend him to anyone!

-H.Y., Downingtown (Downingtown STEM Academy), SAT increase of ~250 points to PERFECT SCORE OF 2400 in 8 weeks (December 2015 test)

Rick was extremely helpful in preparing my son for his first ACT test. Rick helped him by giving him strategies to improve his reading and essay writing skills. Not only that, he also gave my son tips on how to pace himself on test day, a problem he frequently faced on the practice tests. My son ended up getting 4 points higher than we expected on the test. I highly recommend Rick for anyone who is looking to increase their score. Thanks Rick!

-Parent of C.B., Glen Mills (Malvern Preparatory School), ACT increase of 4 points in 6 weeks (June 2015 test)

Rick tutored my daughter for her SAT’s. She had done well taking them on her own, but wanted to increase her scores because the schools she is interested in are very competitive. He was very professional and thorough. He gave her homework each week, and followed up each session with an e-mail summary for both her and me. We were both happy with Rick.

-Parent of O.T., West Chester (Henderson High School)

It has been a great experience having Rick tutor my daughter. She started of with an average score of 26 and quickly improved to a 33 on the practice tests. He utilized every second of the session to teach and provided good tips on the test. He focused on her areas of weakness and was very knowledgeable about the material. He sent me feedback on the session each week outlining her progress. I highly recommend Rick.

-Parent of E.P., Downingtown (Downingtown STEM Academy)

Sat scores improved a lot – you’re awesome thanks Rick.  My sat scores were math:680 reading:660 writing:670. Thank you so much for everything!!!

-J.F., West Chester (Henderson High School), SAT increase of 180 points after 8.5 hours of tutoring over span of 6 weeks (October 2015 test)

I received a 2160 overall (730 reading, 770 math, and 660 writing). Thank you!

-S.C., ONLINE student in Washington, DC (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology), SAT increase of 280 points in 10 weeks (October 2015 test)

I worked with Rick for 6 weeks and increased my ACT score from a 26 to a 32! He’s a great tutor for both the ACT and SAT and I felt calm, comfortable and well prepared going into the test. Thank you!!

-K.B., West Chester (Henderson High School), ACT increase of 6 points after 11 hours of tutoring in 4 weeks (September 2015 test)

My son will be taking the SAT for the first time this Saturday. He was not at all interested in doing any SAT prep work. When I mentioned getting him a tutor, he was not pleased. However, after a few sessions with Rich, I asked what he thought. He stated that Rich taught him more in these sessions than his 2+ years at his private high school. I could see his confidence build after each session and his scores improving steadily. He was also motivated to do the prep work because of the progress he was making. Rich not only has great insight on how to prepare a student for the SAT, he is very professional, kind and patient. He even came to the house when they couldn’t meet at the library due to weather conditions. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a tutor–just wish I had known about him for my two older children. Thanks so much, Rich!!

And post-test follow-up:

Hi Rich,

I just wanted to let you know that Peter got an 1840 on the May 2nd SAT.  We are thrilled with this result, even though he may take it one more time in September.

Can’t thank you enough for your time and this great result.
All the best,

-Parent of P.L., Devon (Malvern Preparatory School), SAT increase of 240 points in 8 weeks (May 2015 test)

Rick’s approach simplifies the techniques that is needed for these entrance exams. Our daughter started out with a group prep at Kaplan, she scored a 28 on her ACT. We felt that getting a personal tutor was the best approach. Thru extensive research, Rick offered the best value. We were skeptic with using Skype, after-all, it is not your average traditional method of working with a tutor. However, I am convinced that this process does work. Rick’s approach was to increase Victoria’s strong points, and work on improving on her weaker topics. Victoria finally was able to retire from taking the ACT, she was satisfied with a 31. She enters Vassar College as a freshman, and experience the NCAA as a fencer. Thank you Rick for helping her.

-Parent of Victoria L., New York, ACT increase of 3 points (April 2015 test)

I highly recommend Rick! He helped my daughter via Skype tutoring to prepare for the math sections of the PSAT/SAT. He is very knowledgeable about the changes to the revised exam and explains things in a simple, uncomplicated style that is very effective. He also has a relaxed manner that put my daughter at ease but helped her master the material. My daughter said, “Why can’t all my teachers explain things the way he does?” His materials are thoughtfully prepared and thorough. He is punctual, reliable, efficient, and effective. I am thoroughly satisfied.

Update: S scored in the 99th percentile on her PSAT! Her math section was her highest score (730 out of 760), so thanks to you for your effective preparation.

-Parent of S.K., New York

Working with Rick was so helpful leading up to my SATs! His sessions are very engaging and he did a great job of tailoring them to my needs. He made me feel a lot more confident going into the test. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

-J.D., West Chester (Henderson High School), SAT increase of 250 points in 8 weeks (November 2015 test)

I worked with Rick for about a year and he has been an amazing tutor! He customized tutoring sessions and homework to my needs as a student which made my progress more noticeable and specialized. My SAT and ACT test scores both improved dramatically after working with Rick. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone looking for a standardized testing tutor!

-T.V., West Chester (Henderson High School), SAT increase of 180 points (June 2015 test)

Rick worked with my daughter for a month and she increased her scores by 100 points in math and reading. He is an excellent resource for sat prep. We had gone to a larger organization that was run like a production line and did absolutely no good. Rick works one on one with the student, he provides a summary after each session that is quantifiable which was super helpful. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

-Parent of H.M., Birchrunville (Owen J Roberts High School), SAT increase of 100 points in Math and Reading in 4 weeks (October 2015 test)

Thank you so much for helping me prepare for the test- I definitely know that if I had not studied this summer, my previous score would not not have gotten me very far at all with some of the schools on my list. I’ll be sure to pass on your name to any of my friends looking to take the test.

-S.Z., West Chester (Downingtown STEM Academy), SAT increase of 110 points in 8 weeks (October 2015 test)

I highly recommend Rick! He helped my daughter via Skype tutoring to prepare for the math sections of the PSAT/SAT. He is very knowledgeable about the changes to the revised exam and explains things in a simple, uncomplicated style that is very effective. He also has a relaxed manner that put my daughter at ease but helped her master the material. My daughter said, “Why can’t all my teachers explain things the way he does?” His materials are thoughtfully prepared and thorough. He is punctual, reliable, efficient, and effective. I am thoroughly satisfied.

-J.K., parent of ONLINE student in New York, PSAT Tutoring

Dear Richard,

I would just like to say that I have been accepted to UPenn!
Thank you so much for your SAT help- it was vital to my college application.

-K.S., ONLINE student in Virginia, SAT increase of 200 points from 2010 to 2210 in 5 weeks (Jan 2014 test)

B’s SAT scores were published, and it looks like he did a lot better than his PSAT’s, thanks to his SAT coach.

Rich has a very calm demeanor, is patient and worked extremely well with my son. His ACT and SAT scores improved significantly after 8 hours with Rich. He is good at replying to parent questions, and was very responsive and encouraging when I sent him the test scores. I would highly recommend Rich, and will definitely be setting up sessions with my younger two in the next two years.

-Parent of B.B., West Chester (Henderson High School), SAT increase of 300 points in 12 weeks (Nov 2014 test)

Rick is an awesome, awesome tutor. I started out with a 2150 SAT score (CR: 750, M: 680, WR: 720) and an 31 on the ACT (E: 34, M:30, R:35, S:26) and over the course of three months, he brought my ACT score up to a 34 (E:35, M:30, R:33, S:32), then got me to an 800 on Math 2, and after studying with him over the summer, I received a 2340 on the October SATs (CR:800, M:750, WR:790).

He was very patient with me and very straight forward. We used only official study guides and a few Rick-sanctioned practice tests, and he was willing to sit and explain every math/science/reading/writing section I couldn’t get my head around. After teaching me all the tips and tricks so that I could get consistently high scores, he was still willing to read through my essays and listen to me explain things I already understood just for my benefit. Rick was also happy to read through a college essay or two when we ran out of test-problems to go through during a session and never ceased to be positive and encouraging.

Rick is a genuinely nice guy, and I’ve recommended him to all of my underclassmen friends who are squaring up to take the SATs/ACTs soon. His promise to get your scores up is 100% true plus there’s an added bonus of having a friendly guy teaching you math (or whatever it is you need to know). Rick is worth much more than he charges.

-E.M., ONLINE student in Merion Station, SAT increase of 190 points (Oct 2014 test) and ACT increase of 3 points (June 2014 test)

She improved! Final test bested all her categories. Thank you for your help, just wish she had gotten a little more sleep the week before the test, but I don’t think that was something you could have helped much with!

Just referred you to my friend for his son and will forward info to my brother-in-law for his kids.

-Parent of ONLINE student C.F. in Boston, SAT increase of 100 points (to 2160) in 3 weeks (November 2014 test)

After first test: P did very well and got a score of 2300. Thanks for all your help. He got a perfect score in Writing ( a 11 in essay).

After second test: P did very well. He got a 2350: 800 in CR and Math but 750 in writing. If any of the universities he applies to superscores, then he would get a perfect 2400 since he got 800 in writing in his last attempt.

Thank you for all your help and I will be glad to pass on your information to others.

-Parent of ONLINE student P.M. in Texas, SAT increase of 210 points (260 points superscored!) in 6 weeks (March/June 2014 tests)

Hi Mr. K,
In total, I got a 2040 on the SATs. 670 on Reading, 650 on Math, and 720 on Writing.

-ONLINE student A.C. in Virginia, SAT increase of 240 points in 4 weeks (October 2014 test)

Hi Mr. K,
I recently received my scores back from the October 11th SAT. The test was a success – I was able to bring up my reading score 100 points from 560 to 660. I want to thank you for your help in preparing me for this test. My overall score is now an 1810, which will really help as I apply to college.

Thanks again for all your help with the SATs. I will definitely refer any future SAT or ACT takers to you. You were such a great resource in helping prep for these type of tests.

-C.S., ONLINE student in Boston, SAT increase of 200 points in ~6 weeks (100 points in Writing June 2014, 100 points in Reading Oct 2014) (June/Oct 2014 test)

We have used Rich for my daughter’s SAT Prep for a few session this past spring. He was always on time, well prepared, and my daughter always came away feeling that she really learned something. Well we finally got her results and she increased over 200 points on the SAT’s and puts her in a range to allow for merit scholarships. Well worth the time and money. I can not recommend Rich enough!! Skip the large classes and hire Rich, very affordable and well worth the time and money. He always leaves behind study tips and practice problems. I highly recommend him!! Matter of fact we may use him in the fall on the ACT’s, just hope he is available.

-Parent of S.H., Wilmington, SAT increase of 210 points in 10 weeks (June 2014 test)

2260!! Thank you so much!!

-A.D., Media, SAT increase of 240 points in 9 weeks (including perfect 800 in Writing) (Oct 2014 test)

Hey, it’s T.H. I wanted to tell you mine and A’s results! I got a 1710 and last score was a 1550 before so that was good improvement and A got a 1720 and she originally  had 1650 so we are very pleased!!! Thank you for all your help!

-T.H., Malvern (Great Valley High School), SAT increase of 160 points in 6 weeks (Oct 2014 test)

Mr. K
Hello! I want to thank you because I did better on my SAT Math. I got a 560.
Thank you so much! This really helped me for colleges.

-V.B., Lansdowne (Bonner Prendie High School), SAT Math increase of 80 points in 3 weeks (November 2014 test)

C’s SAT score went up 150 pts!  Here was the breakdown:
Reading 500  (up 50)
Math 590  (up 60)
Writing 670  (up 40)

Your work/support/tutoring was so extremely valuable!

Thanks so much for everything, Rich.

-Parent of C.B., West Chester (Henderson High School), SAT increase of 150 points (~250 points from initial test) in 14 weeks (June 2014 test)

We are very happy with the improvement. Again thanks for the help and we will certainly recommend you to any of our friends looking for SAT/ACT help.

-Parent of B.P., West Chester (Rustin High School), SAT increase of 140 points (Reading and Writing only) in 8 weeks (June 2014 test)

ACT scores came out early, ended up with a 34 composite, very happy. Thank you so much!!

I got my SAT II scores back, and I got an 800 on Math 2! Thank you so much!

-E.M., Merion Station (Lower Merion High School), ACT increase of 3 points in 4 weeks (April 2014 test)

After first test: Overall, I scored a 2030, and of course I’m super excited about this … Obviously the work we did helped!

After second test: I got a 2130 on my last SAT! (750 reading, 650 math, 730 writing) Math went down twenty points, but reading went up 100 points, so I’m stoked. I have to thank you for this, of course. I could not have done it without all of the tutoring.

-Z.K., West Chester (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 330 points (350 points superscored!) in 6 weeks (Dec 2013/March 2014 tests)

C feels pretty good about the test – she said a lot of your helpful hints and practicing helped her. Thank you again for your help.

-Parent of C.K., Chadds Ford (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 270 points in 3 sessions (March 2014 test)

A got 1970 on SAT which is a great improvement over PSAT. Thanks for your help in helping my son achieve his goals. See you in about two years!

-Parent of A.J., Kennett Square (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 120 points in 6 weeks (March 2014 test)

Rich is extremely good at what he does. I am glad that we have the privilege of working with Rich.

-Parent of A.B., Chadds Ford (Garnet Valley High School), SAT increase of 450 points from sophomore PSAT to first SAT (1680 to 2130) in 32 weeks (Dec 2014 test)

With Rick’s tutoring, you get a great value for your money.  I tutor math and hear many students complain about their tutors; they often say that the tutor is too intense and not sympathetic to their specific challenges.  Our daughter gained so much confidence with Rick’s approach.  For starters he is a superb problem solver.  Additionally, my daughter appreciated his demeanor; relaxed but focused.  Rick manages to stick with the business at hand without being rigid and business-like. Margaret’s timing in signing up with Rick was perfect.   Junior year is full of anxiousness.  On top of this, everyone- peers, teachers, principals, parents, neighbors, coaches, parents’ friends and relatives all want to know “what your plans are for college.”  Rick was one of few people that my daughter interacted with that did not get into this discussion.  He seems to “get” the SAT on many levels – the surrounding anxiousness as well as the right approach for success on all three parts of the test.  The Skyping worked out extremely well.  It saved so much time and stress in travel.

From the first PSAT in the fall of tenth grade to the Spring of Junior year SAT, using the SAT score scale, our daughter’s scores went up a total of 140 in Reading, 110 in Math and 130 in Writing.

Between your instruction and her persistence, she’s come so far! She’s not inclined to take the test again. For schools that “super score” she’ll have a 2200 which she is happy with. Thanks again for everything.

-Parent of ONLINE student M.D. in Virginia, SAT increase of 340 points (380 points superscored!) in 30 weeks (November 2013/March 2014 tests)

I got a 2060 with the breakdown being: Read- 750, Math- 660, writing- 650.  Thank you so much for your help!

-R.W., ONLINE student in Virginia, SAT increase of 290 points in 16 weeks (November 2014 test)

I’d just like to thank you for working with me those couple of weeks – I raised my Writing score by a whole 110 points (770, up from 660.) My superscore is now a 2210 and I’m happy with it! Was great working with you!

-N.P., ONLINE student in Cupertino, SAT Writing increase of 110 points in 4 weeks (Oct 2014 test)

Thank you for your help! Scores were CR 740, Math 720, and Writing 730, with 10 on essay, for a total of 2190.

-A.C., ONLINE student in San Francisco, SAT increase of 190 points in 3 weeks (Jan 2014 test)

M is happy with her score (1920). We appreciate your help and she has very good things to say about working with you. Thank you!

-Parent of ONLINE student M.C. in Virginia, SAT increase of 290 points in 16 weeks (June 2014 test)

I just got back my SAT scores and I got a 2210 (compared to previous score 2010)! My Writing score was a 790 (+170 points) and my essay scored a 12 (was an 8 before)!

I would like to thank you for helping me with my SAT prep, especially the writing! It was relatively painless and straight to the point. Again, thanks so much!

-K.S., ONLINE student in Virginia, SAT increase of 200 points in 5 weeks (Jan 2014 test)

Rich is the best tutor we’ve found, and we’ve tried more than a few. His skill and patience helped our son excel on the ACT, scoring in the 98th percentile nationally. Though our son’s bright enough that he might have performed well on his own, he would never have achieved this potentially life-changing result without Rich’s hard work.

-Parent of J.S., Kennett Square, ACT increase of 4 points in 8 weeks (September 2014 test)

We just finished up our last session with Rich and have been very pleased with his services. He is patient, thorough, thoughtful, and a terrific teacher. My son takes the SATs on Saturday so we haven’t seen the results of his efforts yet, but Rich has given him confidence and calm to get him through it. I highly recommend Rich.

-Parent of B.H., Media, SAT increase of 160 points in 6 weeks (Oct 2014 test)

Hi Mr. K,
Thanks to all of your help, my SAT scores did go up. My critical reading score went up to 580, and both my math and writing scores were 570. My new total score was 1720. I did feel much more confident going into the test, and I felt much better about the reading sections while taking the test.

I received my first college acceptance to Bloomsburg University on Friday, and I am looking forward to hopefully receiving others. I really appreciate all of the help you gave me in preparation for the test.

Thanks again,

-A.B., Media, SAT Reading & Math increase of 150 points in 5 weeks (Oct 2014 test)

N’s scores are in.  His Reading was 520 and Math 530.  That’s a 70 point gain in math!!!  That is where he needs to be with his scores for Villanova.  Thanks again for your help, N and I are really pleased with the results.

-Parent of N.M., Glen Mills, SAT Reading & Math increase of 80 points in 8 weeks (Oct 2014 test)

A really appreciated all your help and says you were very structured about the test prep. I know you will have to help my son for SAT. I would be happy to recommend you. Thanks for all your help Rich.

-Parent of A.V., Boothwyn (Garnet Valley High School), SAT increase of 160 points in 12 weeks (Oct 2014 test)

On my last SAT I got a 590 on critical reading, 580 on math and a 560 on writing, and I was happy that each of my scores improved. Thanks for helping me prepare for the test, it really helped.

-M.M., Berwyn (Conestoga High School), SAT Reading & Math increase of 120 points in 6 weeks (Oct 2014 test)

T scored a 1950 and was pleased – her biggest improvement was in the reading.  I will def pass your name along and thank you!

-Parent of T.H., West Chester (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 210 points in 8 weeks (June 2014 test)

Rich, just wanted to let you know how you have helped A.  She is not a good “test taker” & is an average student but we hoped she could do her best on the SATs.  With your help……………she improved 240 points.

-Parent of A.P., West Chester (Rustin High School), SAT increase of 240 points in 3 weeks (May 2014 test)

I got a 770 in math, a 760 in reading, and a 700 in writing.  I want to thank you so much as I could not have gotten these scores without your help.

-J.P., Garnet Valley (Garnet Valley High School), SAT increase of 310 points in 16 weeks (March 2014 test)

I wanted to let you know N got a 1700 on his SAT’s. We were very happy with how much he improved from the PSAT’s. Thanks for all the hard work with N. I have highly recommended you to N’s classmates parents!

-Parent of N.S., Malvern (Great Valley High School), SAT increase of 230 points in 8 weeks (March 2014 test)

Thanks for everything Rich. We’re so glad that J worked with you.

-Parent of J.P., Aston (Sun Valley High School), SAT increase of 200 points in 8 weeks (March 2014 test)

Email from ONLINE student M.M. in Texas, 170 point increase in Reading and Writing, Oct 2013 test (We did not work on Math, student already had 800!):

I think that there were a couple of tough questions (on the test), but I think all and all it went just fine! 🙂 The essay was shockingly similar to one that we had already written together, so I actually think that my essay was very much a rehash of one we had already written together, so that was great! I’ll tell you how the scores look when they come back but I have good feelings about it!

Thanks so much for guiding me along the way. It’s been amazing working with you, you are really understanding of me as an individual. I felt like the lessons, while structured, were still very much tailored to my individual needs and that was extremely helpful. It’s been a great time having you as my tutor, thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you (empirically proven).

Take care,


And the follow-up:

IM VERY HAPPY ABOUT THE SCORE!:) That’s like a 170 point jump from 2170! I think that’s pretty awesome that you were able to get me there!
All the seniors got to school today and were like “it sucked, how’d you do?” And I was like “Rocked it.” Thanks again for working so hard with me to get me to where i am now!:)
Thank you,


Email from ONLINE student S in Boston, 200 point increase in Reading and Writing on Oct 2013 test (we did not work on Math):

Just got my scores. I went from an 1800 to 2020! I want to say thank you for everything you have done and without you I would not have been able to apply to my current universities. I am spreading your contact around! Thank you again! Your the best!


I truly appreciate you working with B.

-Parent of ONLINE student B.N., SAT Writing increase of 200 points in 8 weeks (November 2013 test)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with the test. With your help and my other preparations, I was able to get a 2300. I got 750 Reading, 750 Math, and 800 Writing with a 10 on the essay. Once again thank you. I hope to work with you again as I prepare for the Math SAT level 2 test sometime in the future.

-Y.T., Newtown Square (Springfield High School), SAT increase of 320 points in 10 weeks (Oct 2013 test)

We couldn’t have been more pleased with Richard’s SAT Prep – he brought out the untapped potential in our daughter to maximize her SAT score and move her from being “on the bubble” to being “a shoe-in” for her desired colleges.  Richard was able to quickly assess our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and tailored a program to address those gaps. Through his supportive, yet demanding/high expectations, approach, our daughter improved her test scores 200+ points. If considering one-on-one tutoring, I wouldn’t look any further.

-Parent of K.G., West Chester (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 200 points in 8 weeks (June 2013 test)

Thanks Rick for your patient and professional manner with my daughter.  We were so pleased she was able to raise her Critical Reading and Math scores significantly.  Of course we were pretty impressed with the perfect writing score, too! Obviously the personal attention was exactly what she needed.  I appreciated that the work you designed and assigned to her each week was personalized to her weaknesses and helped her target where to spend her time studying.

-Linda, Media (Penncrest High School), Parent, Student had 160 point score increase (to 2130!) in 8 weeks (May 2013 test)

I felt more confident after each tutoring session about how to approach each test, use my time effectively on the tests, and solve problems on the tests correctly. My scores in 2 sections of the SAT test – reading and writing – both increased about 100 points after tutoring with Mr. Koshgerian! Definitely work with Mr. Koshgerian – he is accommodating, approachable and patient. He really knows what he is doing with these standardized tests and will help you understand them, too!

-L.S., West Chester (Henderson High School), SAT increase of 130 points on Reading and Writing in 3 weeks (March 2013 test)

Thanks so much for your help with K’s SAT preparation. I wanted to let you know that K did right in the range you predicted on his January SATs with a total score of 1950.

-Parent of K.A., West Chester (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 210 points in 8 weeks (Jan 2013 test)

My daughter worked with Rich for about a year on her ACT preparation. He proved to be a talented and very reliable tutor! He was always on time and provided extra test questions as needed. We have experienced several other tutors in the past, one in particular from a big name outfit in Bryn Mawr and this has by far been a much better experience! Rich is very kind and patient, besides being extremely knowledgeable in math. He kept things low key and I would say he instills a quiet sense of confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for such a tutor! Thanks for everything Rich! We’ll call if we need you again.

-Parent of B.C., Newtown Square

Email from parent P (in Boston) concerning daughter S’s ONLINE tutoring:

Hi Richard,

Thank you for all your help. S is thrilled with your tutoring. She said it has been an enormous help.
And. . .
Thank you so much for all the help. S has only great things to say about you. If ok, I will pass your name/email to several individuals who have asked.



Email from parent B (in Virginia) concerning daughter M’s ONLINE tutoring:

Hi Richard,

Great news about M’s progress. She was beaming.

She certainly applies herself and is very coach-able but was working for most of July on her own and making minimal gains. You sure have steered her in the right direction across the board. I think that your expertise is rare.


Rich provided an invaluable service to my son, enabling him to increase his SAT scores by 200 points. I would highly recommend Rich to any college bound student who’s interested and motivated to obtain and reach their ultimate and highest potential score that they’re capable of. Rich has the patience and knowledge to make this possible for any student that’s interested in putting in the time and effort to yield their best results. Thanks again Rich for a job well done.

-Parent of B.M., Newtown Square (Archbishop Carroll High School), SAT increase of 200 points in 4 weeks (June 2013 test)

Rich was a wonderful tutor and helped me to improve my scores drastically from when I first took the PSATs. He works on any weak points within the subjects on the SAT and helps you step by step. I would highly recommend Rich to anybody who is going to take their SATs.

-G.C., Philadelphia, SAT increase of 150 points in 8 weeks (June 2013 test)

After working with Rich, I felt a lot more confident.  Not in any small area, but with all of the reading.  He taught and made me practice everything I was struggling with so approaching the test was easier.  He was an amazing tutor and knows what he’s doing.

-S.M., Chadds Ford (Unionville High School), SAT Critical Reading increase of 100 points in 3 weeks (June 2013 test)

She went up 100pts in reading !! I wish I would have used you a lot sooner.  I will be in contact with you in the future.  Thanks! I will tell everyone about you.

-S.M.’s parent

D’s scores are in. We are glad he improved by 160 points over last time. Thank you,

-Parent of D.G., Wayne (Conestoga High School), SAT increase of 160 points (200 points over initial PSAT) in 8 weeks (May 2013 test)

Once again we can’t thank you enough for your time along with dedication. Overall, I think N did pretty well… Once again, THANK YOU

-Parent of N.G., Garnet Valley (Garnet Valley High School), SAT increase of 250 points in 7 weeks (March 2013 test)

Rich was such a great tutor. Although I only worked with him for a month, I improved much more than I expected on the SATs. He did not just give me pages and pages of practice tests to do- he went through plenty of problems with me one-on-one, and actually taught me how to solve and prepare for various kinds of questions. If I didn’t know how to figure out a math problem, he would not just simply tell me the answer, he would give me hints, offer a method, or get me started on how to work through a problem of that kind. He would keep track of what kinds of math questions I would struggle with, and make up practice worksheets specifically catered to that need. We would work on a specific area in a subject until I felt confident in it and understood it completely.

We only worked on Critical Reading and grammar from the Writing section for almost two hours total, but even still I improved greatly on these sections. He provided a very simple approach to the grammar rules, and no, he did not have me memorizing hundreds of vocabulary words. I would work through a section, check the answers with him, and then he would help me understand why I made the mistakes I did.  I would highly recommend Rich as a tutor.

-W.F., West Chester (Episcopal Academy), SAT increase of 140 points in 3 weeks (Oct 2012 test)

I would absolutely recommend Rich as an SAT tutor.  Not only did I learn more math, reading, and writing skills, but I also learned how to approach and take the test.  He is very patient.  I learned new ways to approach math problems, ways that my math classes in school did not cover. I came into the test feeling much more prepared than before.

-C.F., Wallingford (Strath Haven High School), SAT increase of 140 points in 8 weeks (Oct 2012 test)

Rich is patient, helpful, and adapts his method of teaching to what will work best for you. In only 2 sessions Rich helped me bring me up to my goal score of 2000!

S.S., Kennett Square (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 100 points in 2 weeks (Oct 2012 test)

I have been working with various tutors for about 1 year now, all Praxis math specifically, and Rich has been by far the best overall learning experience. Rich is very patient with his work approach and also goes out of his way to prepare homework for me to work on, as well as for our meeting sessions. I have felt more and more confident after each of our sessions and a lot of that has to do with the way that Rich helps me prepare!

-B.D., Wilmington, DE

Fantastic content knowledge!  He honed in on K’s specific areas of concern within one lesson and was able to help her understand the concepts so that she could redo the problem successfully.  He consistently questioned her thinking process in order to determine where she was having issues.  Highly effective 🙂

-Parent of K.S., Glen Mills, SAT Math increase of 160 points in 2 weeks (Oct 2012 test)

I wanted to let you know that B got accepted to UNC Wilmington, which was one of his top 2 choices. I believe that his final SAT scores were a big factor in his getting accepted. Thank you again for helping B reach those numbers.

-Parent of B.W., Malvern (Great Valley High School), SAT increase of 200 points in 6 weeks (Oct 2012 test)

I would recommend Rich to anyone looking to improve on the ACT or SAT.  He tailors his style and approach to fit the personality and learning process of the student.  By doing this, the task of improving broad understanding in academics is dramatically lessened. I would have to say that Rich did actually make taking the ACT and the tutoring sessions enjoyable.  Rich is a grade A tutor and helped me tremendously. Thank you!

-M.A., Malvern (Great Valley High School), ACT composite score increase from 26 to 30 in 8 weeks (Sept 2012 test)

He is helping my son with a very tough AP course. He’s been thorough, patient and very encouraging in addition to having superior subject matter knowledge.

-R.V., Glen Mills (Salesianum School)

Rich has been very accommodating with my son’s schedule of testing dates according to when his geometry teacher posts them. He is very patient & my son really connects with him. He has given my son the extra confidence & tools that he needs to succeed!

-L.S., Glen Mills (Penncrest High School)