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RK Test Prep Tutoring Options

with Rick (All Rates for In Person Sessions, Take 5% off for Online)


    • 10 hrs = $2850


    • 7 hrs =$2100
    • has dates/times – please email with desired dates and I will send out documents and we can begin as soon as next week. All programs include additional 4 hours of video lessons covering our unique strategies and test content.

1-on-1 HYBRID with Rick and another RK Test Prep Expert Tutor


9 Hrs program (5-hrs with Rick either inperson or online and 4 hrs ONLINE with another Expert Level Tutor = $1399 by cc or venmo $1349



Small Group
Classes with Rick and another RK Test Prep Tutor


Group Classes

For group prep, 9 weeks…18 hrs of instruction…5 hrs taught by Rick, 13 by other tutor + 3.5 hr online-proctored practice test + all materials mailed to you with exception of textbook…+ additional video lessons and solutions. All sessions recorded if missed can view at later date or students can attend the other class that week (Mondays and Thursdays are the 2 class days)

$1325 credit card or $1275 venmo

ALL inperson sessions will be held at the new office, 103 South High Street, Suite #10, West Chester, PA 19382. Printable map is linked here: scanmap0001 . Ignore the West Gay Street address if found on any other pages of the site, we are no longer at West Gay Street.

If you have 2 or 3 students who want prep at same time we can do that, but we are not organizing groups with students coming in separately until Summer 2024 (hope that makes sense – if you have 2-3 siblings/twins/neighbors/teammates/friends who want to prep together we CAN make that work)

For lower cost options, can bring a friend can make your own 2-person or 3-person class with Rick, but no formally organized classes available.

2 students in same lesson at the same time: $1550 per student for 10 hours program with Rick [Students must sign up with friend together, RK Test Prep does not coordinate finding the other student]
3 students in same lesson at the same time: $1400 per student for 10 hours program with Rick [Students must sign up with friends together, RK Test Prep does not coordinate finding the other students]



SAT Class Outline Overview

RK Test Prep’s small group class prepares all students in grades 9-12 intending to take the SAT exam with a comprehensive blueprint to the Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics content on the test, along with a guide and outline/template for the Essay. Students enrolled with receive one full-length diagnostic test proctored under exam-taking conditions, and will also be provided time to thoroughly review the content afterwards. Meeting once per week for 2 hours over the course of 9 weeks, with 3-5 hours of homework assigned in between sessions, forms the basis for the course.

By the end of the course, students will have ample opportunities to master the class material. Summer class #1 is taught by another tutor.

All courses include one full-length practice test proctored under exam-taking conditions

Small Group Class Frequently Asked Questions:

All of our instructors have scored perfect or near perfect on their SATs.

Normally, if a student misses a class, we can provide the homework and materials for the missed class. We also offer the option to schedule a 2 hour private tutoring session at a 25% discount off the regular rate to cover the class material. If you are expecting to miss more than one class, please call us to discuss options.

The homework level varies from 2-5 hours per week. The amount of homework starts off modestly until all of the basic strategies have been covered, after which students are expected to practice and review in each section each week. Of course the course will be most effective if all of the homework is completed, but there is still an expectation of a great increase in knowledge about the test content without full completion of the entirety of the homework assigned.

We require payment for a course with your online registration in order to secure your space in the class.

For the sessions starting early July, 50% refund is given for cancellations with 2 weeks or more of notice. If cancelled with less than 2 weeks before start date, no refunds will be given. For the late August session, the current price is $549 – I will refund back $400 if cancellation made before July 1, and refund back $250 if cancellation made before August 1. There is no refund for cancellations after that date

After taking the test several times and achieving perfect scores, Rick has reverse engineered the types of questions and content for the SAT. A 122-page booklet of original material is provided to each student, basically a distillation of how a perfect scoring test expert would think about each type of question and the strategies used to most efficiently solve each type of problem.

After an initial review of questions from the homework, students are introduced to strategies and practice questions and given the RK Test Prep method of solution as well as items to consider concerning these. Students are encouraged to ask questions and given opportunities to practice each type of question and problem to promote mastery. Additionally students will complete timed practice test sections to simulate the testing environment and conditions.

Yes, all of the material covered applies equally to the PSAT as well as the SAT.

The recent redesign of the SAT has aligned the test content much more with the ACT, so at least 80% of the material and strategies will help prepare students for the ACT as well. In addition, students can sign up for a Quick Start ACT Add-on for $149 for a 2-hour class covering all of the differences between the test, ACT-specific strategies, as well as additional ACT practice material and a study plan.

We recommend students who desire additional instruction consider one-on-one tutoring to address areas that they need additional help with.

All of our classes strive to respond to the particular needs of our students. The instructors are trained to maximize class time according to the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. That said, a student who desires instruction in only one section of the test would be encouraged to consider one-on-one tutoring as an alternative to best maximize their time.