Why Choose RK Test Prep for ACT® and SAT® Tutoring?

  • Online or In-Office Tutoring. Rick conducts the majority of his tutoring sessions online or in his West Chester office for ease of scheduling.
  • Online Assistance Available. Rick is available for online sessions if students need quick assistance with questions.
  • Custom-designed programs. Using the analysis skills learned at Princeton and the education techniques learned in his coursework and “in the field” teaching and tutoring students, Rick will quickly identify what areas to target and implement solutions that will directly address those areas.
  • No Minimum Time Commitment! Many tutoring companies require purchasing 20 hour (or more) packages that often do not serve the best interests of the student. With Rick, lesson time is never wasted reviewing concepts that a student has already mastered. By targeting those areas truly in need of improvement or reteaching, a student’s time and efforts are directed in the most beneficial way possible.
  • Committed to students’ success. Rick still registers for and takes current SAT® tests (yes, in the classroom with students, with results sent to College Board to be scored) to stay up to date on the material being tested and ensure that his program is focused on the right topics.

To contact Rick directly, please email richardk@alumni.princeton.edu or call 610-350-1335.