Practice Test Links and Books

Official SAT Study Guide (NEW SAT) – also available as pdfs online for free at College Board website. ESSENTIAL!

10 tests as PDFs that can print out

My book (SAT Writing Practice)* – RK Test Prep Book of Essential SAT Grammar

ACT has two books of practice tests available – links are below.

The Official ACT Prep Guide, 2021-2022 Edition [Newest Version: 6 tests]


The Real ACT, 3rd Edition (Real ACT Prep Guide) [NOTE: This is older version but has 5 different tests, which is great.]


If you are going to spend months or year(s) preparing for the test, the books below would also be invaluable resources.

The Complete Guide to ACT English

The Complete Guide to ACT Reading


Pro College Advisors

Estee Pickens

Informed Educational Solutions

Smarter Edge Consulting (Param Sreekanth)
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Luisa Rabe

Jim Yannopoulos, Right College for Me

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