12 hours of instruction covering all material discussed in standard SAT preparation program – a $2,700 value if completed as an in person tutoring program. Just $499 for 360-day access to these videos, and students can watch these unlimited times. Also included is a checklist to monitor progress and 122 page workbook that all tutoring students receive. Please see below for sample video.

The total time for the course is 12 hours. There are an additional 6-8 hours of homework in the spiral packet (math) and stapled Reading Supplement packet. Finally the 8 tests in College Board book and 5 Writing tests in RK Test Prep black book should take about 28-32 hours to complete and check answers/explanations. Call it roughly 50-55 hours for the full course – now some students do not have time to complete all 8 tests in College Board book and STILL see improvement but this would be a plan of action to ensure that the exam is very predictable and familiar come test day.

Math Skills Explained and Demystified:

  • Systems of Equations
  • Make It Look Like the Answer
  • Apples to apples comparisons
  • Function Notation
  • Exponent Rules
  • Unit Conversions
  • Imaginary Numbers
  • Growth & Decay
  • Translating Word Problems into Equations
  • Factoring, Solving using Quadratic Equation, Vertex Form of Parabolas
  • Circle Equation, Completing the Square, Solving for Unknowns
  • Polygons and 3-D Figures
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Probability, Statistics, and Data Analysis
  • Polynomials
  • Recursive Sequences


Reading Strategies Covered:

  • Patterns of Language in Correct and Incorrect Answers
  • Reasoning behind the way the test is set up


Grammar and Punctuation Rules for the Writing Section:

  • The dozen most commonly tested items on the Writing section



  • Strategies plus template and paint-by-numbers examples of how to structure essay including copy of essay that scored 24/24 using these strategies.

Sample Video

Here is an example of the types of videos you will find within the online video course.

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