Starting with an initial evaluation of a student’s reading comprehension skills and vocabulary, Rick then guides students in the method of critical reading that helped him achieve perfect scores on the SAT and ACT.  Grammar and punctuation rules are also discussed in detail and after each session students have the ability to practice the skills learned on homework assignments and ask questions at the next meeting.  The initial 4 1-hour sessions are usually weekly, although if students can complete the homework assignments more quickly the sessions can be held closer together. The final hour is broken up into 3 20-minute checkups over the course of the next several months, during which students review with Rick their most difficult passages and reading areas to improve. Additional sessions can be scheduled as desired going forward.

Young Scholars Program $1,100 $949 (Only 3 spots left!)

5 Hours

Summer/Fall 2019

Dates/Times TBD

Benefits of the Young Scholars Program

  • Vocabulary work designed by perfect scoring SAT tutor.
  • Detailed breakdown of complex texts that students do not encounter in school but which form the basis for much of the SAT and ACT texts.
  • Custom-designed programs. Using the analysis skills learned at Princeton and the education techniques learned in his coursework and “in the field” teaching and tutoring students, Rick will quickly identify what areas to target and implement solutions that will directly address those areas.
  • Committed to students’ success. Rick still registers for and takes current SAT® tests (yes, in the classroom with students, with results sent to College Board to be scored) to stay up to date on the material being tested and ensure that his program is focused on the right topics.

To contact Rick directly, please email or call 610-350-1335.