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Sign Up Today, Space is Limited…$1500 $1100. Upon receipt of payment, Rick will send you dates/times to begin starting as soon as next week! All SAT programs include an additional 12 hours of video lessons taught by Rick of our exclusive content. (ACT programs include 4 hours of additional content)

Most students (especially those with pre-scores >1350 on SAT, 32 on ACT) DO NOT NEED 30-hour tutoring packages costing $3,000-$5,000, which most large tutoring companies would charge for the entire program. With Rick, instead those additional lessons (SAT only) are FREE with purchase of 5 or 8 hour live tutoring package and students can complete them on their own time and ask Rick any questions at the next session – streamlined and efficient test prep! See some sample testimonials below!

Our track record includes 2 perfect SAT scoring students, tons of 1500+ scores, 1 perfect 36 ACT-scoring student, and a number of 33-35 scores. Average SAT score increase is 138 points, and 3.6 points on ACT. All materials provided and selected by Rick, having scored 1600 on SAT and 36 on ACT, who directs students ONLY to the most beneficial materials.

Starting July 21st as per the link https://rktestprep.com/summer2020review/ there will be review sessions for prep towards the August and September SAT tests (material applies to PSAT as well).
For anyone who has had any form of tutoring with us before, all 12 sessions are FREE. No need to sign up as I will email reminders and additional info as we near start date.

Online Special 5 Hours Program

Call 610-350-1335 or email richardk@alumni.princeton.edu for more information.

Recent ONLINE Testimonials:

From Tim D. in Boston (parent)…

“Working with Rick was the best decision my wife and I have made during the college admission process. We don’t live close to Rick’s work center so our daughter did all tutoring sessions with Rick via Skype – I have to admit I was a little nervous about how effective this would be – but it was absolutely terrific – the prep was comprehensive and at the exact right level and work load for her. She improved her SAT score almost 200 points and working with Rick was a huge part of it. 5 Stars for sure. Don’t look anywhere else – work with Rick.”


From Rebecca F. in Swarthmore (student)…

“Rick was awesome! He was able to help me improve my ACT score and become more confident in my test-taking abilities. It was great being able to have one-on-one communication about issues that confused me. Rick knew when I needed to work on a topic and when we could just move on, making our sessions super efficient and helpful. With his help, I am very proud of my score and I’m very grateful to him.”

  • Princeton Grad

  • Perfect Scorer (May 2016 SAT test=1600/1600)

  • Experience tutoring over 800 students in last 7 years.

Rick has worked with hundreds of students both in person and online helping them prepare for the ACT & SAT. Rick mplements cutting edge whiteboard and videoconferencing technology to create a classroom experience that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world. Online students achieve results that are indistinguishable from those of students receiving in-person tutoring. Dozens of testimonials are available HERE.

As part of any tutoring package, all students receive a FREE 122-page spiral-bound workbook for SAT (ACT book is 78 pages) of original materials designed by Rick after scoring a perfect 1600 on the SAT (and a 36 on ACT) and analyzing the types of questions and patterns of answers. These materials help students prepare for the test and including strategies, content, and practice problems and questions.

Throughout his test prep career, Rick has helped hundreds of students apply his method to increase their SAT scores an average of 138 points (3.6 points for ACT).  From Hanna Y., who after just 7 weeks of working with Rick in 2015 increased her SAT score 180 points to reach a perfect 2400, which allowed her to gain access to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, to Jessica L., who last year improved 200 points after her work with Rick to reach a score of 1590/1600, Rick has been helping students reach these elite score levels for the last eight years.

More details about the program available HERE.

Most students begin 2-3 months before desired test date. Each program is designed with the specific student’s goals and focus in mind. No time is wasted as we identify areas in need of instruction and practice and address these swiftly.

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