I would recommend Rich to anyone looking to improve on the ACT or SAT.  He tailors his style and approach to fit the personality and learning process of the student.  By doing this, the task of improving broad understanding in academics is dramatically lessened. I would have to say that Rich did actually make taking the ACT and the tutoring sessions enjoyable.  Rich is a grade A tutor and helped me tremendously. Thank you!

-M.A., Malvern (Great Valley High School), ACT composite score increase from 26 to 30 in 8 weeks (Sept 2012 test)

Rich is patient, helpful, and adapts his method of teaching to what will work best for you. In only 2 sessions Rich helped me bring me up to my goal score of 2000!

-S.S., Kennett Square (Unionville High School), SAT increase of 100 points in 2 weeks (Oct 2012 test)

I would absolutely recommend Rich as an SAT tutor.  Not only did I learn more math, reading, and writing skills, but I also learned how to approach and take the test.  He is very patient.  I learned new ways to approach math problems, ways that my math classes in school did not cover. I came into the test feeling much more prepared than before.

-C.F., Wallingford (Strath Haven High School), SAT increase of 140 points in 8 weeks (Oct 2012 test)

I wanted to let you know that B got accepted to UNC Wilmington, which was one of his top 2 choices. I believe that his final SAT scores were a big factor in his getting accepted. Thank you again for helping B reach those numbers.

-Parent of B.W., Malvern (Great Valley High School), SAT increase of 200 points in 6 weeks (Oct 2012 test)

Rich was such a great tutor. Although I only worked with him for a month, I improved much more than I expected on the SATs. He did not just give me pages and pages of practice tests to do- he went through plenty of problems with me one-on-one, and actually taught me how to solve and prepare for various kinds of questions. If I didn’t know how to figure out a math problem, he would not just simply tell me the answer, he would give me hints, offer a method, or get me started on how to work through a problem of that kind. He would keep track of what kinds of math questions I would struggle with, and make up practice worksheets specifically catered to that need. We would work on a specific area in a subject until I felt confident in it and understood it completely.

We only worked on Critical Reading and grammar from the Writing section for almost two hours total, but even still I improved greatly on these sections. He provided a very simple approach to the grammar rules, and no, he did not have me memorizing hundreds of vocabulary words. I would work through a section, check the answers with him, and then he would help me understand why I made the mistakes I did.  I would highly recommend Rich as a tutor.

-W.F., West Chester (Episcopal Academy), SAT increase of 140 points in 3 weeks (Oct 2012 test)

Fantastic content knowledge!  He honed in on K’s specific areas of concern within one lesson and was able to help her understand the concepts so that she could redo the problem successfully.  He consistently questioned her thinking process in order to determine where she was having issues.  Highly effective 🙂

-Parent of K.S., Glen Mills, SAT Math increase of 160 points in 2 weeks (Oct 2012 test)