Rich was such a great tutor. Although I only worked with him for a month, I improved much more than I expected on the SATs. He did not just give me pages and pages of practice tests to do- he went through plenty of problems with me one-on-one, and actually taught me how to solve and prepare for various kinds of questions. If I didn’t know how to figure out a math problem, he would not just simply tell me the answer, he would give me hints, offer a method, or get me started on how to work through a problem of that kind. He would keep track of what kinds of math questions I would struggle with, and make up practice worksheets specifically catered to that need. We would work on a specific area in a subject until I felt confident in it and understood it completely.

We only worked on Critical Reading and grammar from the Writing section for almost two hours total, but even still I improved greatly on these sections. He provided a very simple approach to the grammar rules, and no, he did not have me memorizing hundreds of vocabulary words. I would work through a section, check the answers with him, and then he would help me understand why I made the mistakes I did.  I would highly recommend Rich as a tutor.