With Rick’s tutoring, you get a great value for your money.  I tutor math and hear many students complain about their tutors; they often say that the tutor is too intense and not sympathetic to their specific challenges.  Our daughter gained so much confidence with Rick’s approach.  For starters he is a superb problem solver.  Additionally, my daughter appreciated his demeanor; relaxed but focused.  Rick manages to stick with the business at hand without being rigid and business-like. Margaret’s timing in signing up with Rick was perfect.   Junior year is full of anxiousness.  On top of this, everyone- peers, teachers, principals, parents, neighbors, coaches, parents’ friends and relatives all want to know “what your plans are for college.”  Rick was one of few people that my daughter interacted with that did not get into this discussion.  He seems to “get” the SAT on many levels – the surrounding anxiousness as well as the right approach for success on all three parts of the test.  The Skyping worked out extremely well.  It saved so much time and stress in travel.

From the first PSAT in the fall of tenth grade to the Spring of Junior year SAT, using the SAT score scale, our daughter’s scores went up a total of 140 in Reading, 110 in Math and 130 in Writing.

Between your instruction and her persistence, she’s come so far! She’s not inclined to take the test again. For schools that “super score” she’ll have a 2200 which she is happy with. Thanks again for everything.