Email from ONLINE student M.M. in Texas, 170 point increase in Reading and Writing, Oct 2013 test (We did not work on Math, student already had 800!):

I think that there were a couple of tough questions (on the test), but I think all and all it went just fine! 🙂 The essay was shockingly similar to one that we had already written together, so I actually think that my essay was very much a rehash of one we had already written together, so that was great! I’ll tell you how the scores look when they come back but I have good feelings about it!

Thanks so much for guiding me along the way. It’s been amazing working with you, you are really understanding of me as an individual. I felt like the lessons, while structured, were still very much tailored to my individual needs and that was extremely helpful. It’s been a great time having you as my tutor, thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you (empirically proven).

Take care,


And the follow-up:

IM VERY HAPPY ABOUT THE SCORE!:) That’s like a 170 point jump from 2170! I think that’s pretty awesome that you were able to get me there!
All the seniors got to school today and were like “it sucked, how’d you do?” And I was like “Rocked it.” Thanks again for working so hard with me to get me to where i am now!:)
Thank you,