Rick is an awesome, awesome tutor. I started out with a 2150 SAT score (CR: 750, M: 680, WR: 720) and an 31 on the ACT (E: 34, M:30, R:35, S:26) and over the course of three months, he brought my ACT score up to a 34 (E:35, M:30, R:33, S:32), then got me to an 800 on Math 2, and after studying with him over the summer, I received a 2340 on the October SATs (CR:800, M:750, WR:790).

He was very patient with me and very straight forward. We used only official study guides and a few Rick-sanctioned practice tests, and he was willing to sit and explain every math/science/reading/writing section I couldn’t get my head around. After teaching me all the tips and tricks so that I could get consistently high scores, he was still willing to read through my essays and listen to me explain things I already understood just for my benefit. Rick was also happy to read through a college essay or two when we ran out of test-problems to go through during a session and never ceased to be positive and encouraging.

Rick is a genuinely nice guy, and I’ve recommended him to all of my underclassmen friends who are squaring up to take the SATs/ACTs soon. His promise to get your scores up is 100% true plus there’s an added bonus of having a friendly guy teaching you math (or whatever it is you need to know). Rick is worth much more than he charges.