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College admissions are a competitive process, with acceptance rates at top universities falling each year and competition for scholarship money increasing as tuition rates rise.  Besides the obvious advantage in admissions, high test scores are also tied to merit-based financial aid, an amazing way to get scholarship money.

While most schools do not disclose this data publicly, I found one school, Texas Lutheran University, that advertises their scholarship table based on test scores (see below).  Again many schools do not publicize these metrics, but due to their desire to attract the most qualified candidates (and boost their own rankings in US News&World Report, etc), most schools utilize similar breakdowns. (Note: TLU link here )

So as an example, at TLU, a 4 point increase on the ACT from 26 to 30 (or 120 point rise on the SAT from 1270 to 1390) would see a rise in annual scholarship money of $4,500, or a total of $18,000 saved over a 4-year college program.  RK Test Prep has helped hundreds of students improve their test scores and achieve tremendous college savings as a result.

Having established that test scores are a key factor in both admissions and scholarship offers, the question becomes what to do. RK Test Prep can help both middle- and high-schools students improve their skills and scores through our established test prep blueprint.

Rising Seniors – last chance for SAT and ACT testing coming up in the fall – SAT dates are August 25, Oct 6, Nov 3, and Dec 1, and ACT dates are Sept 8, Oct 27, and Dec 8. Whether you have not prepped at all, have completed a group class and not had all of your questions answered, or even if you have gone through another 1-on-1 tutoring program, WE CAN HELP…

Rising Juniors – the PSAT and SAT are basically the same test, so prep for BOTH this summer!

Rising Sophomores and Freshmen who have completed Algebra II – get an early head start to prep for both SAT and ACT

6th-9th graders – join the Young Scholars Program! Learn from Rick as he demonstrates the Reading and Writing techniques he developed and practiced that allowed him to achieve a perfect 1600 on the SAT and 36 on the ACT. Read more about the Young Scholars Program here.

As someone who has attended an elite institution, Princeton University, and who has also achieved perfect scores on both the SAT and ACT and instructed many students in the methods that I use, I know that the necessary preparation for these exams is not an organic process but rather is an exact process that I have perfected and enjoy sharing with my students.

Throughout my test prep career, I have helped hundreds of students apply my method to increase their SAT scores an average of 138 points (3.6 points for ACT).  From Hanna Y., who after just 7 weeks of working with me in 2015 increased her SAT score 180 points to reach a perfect score, which allowed her to gain access to the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, to Jessica L., who last year improved 200 points after our work together to reach a score of 1590/1600, I have been helping students reach these elite score levels for the last seven years.



Select a Program

Intensive SAT Prep with Rick (includes ACT add-on)

14 Hours


SAT Prep All Sections with Rick  $

10 Hours

Summer/Fall 2019

ACT Prep All Sections with Rick  $

8 Hours

Summer/Fall 2019

Days/Times TBD

$SAT Prep One Section Only (EITHER Math OR Verbal) with Rick


5 Hours

Summer/Fall 2019

Days/Times TBD

(Pre-SAT Prep with Rick (6th-9th graders ONLY) UNAVAILABLE)  UNAVAILABLE

5 Hours

Summer/Fall 2019


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Sample Testimonials:

After preparing for several sessions with Rick, my daughter’s SAT scores improve dramatically, and ultimately received an almost perfect score on the multiple choice and a 22 on the essay. Rick was able to efficiently help my daughter to raise her scores, ensuring that my daughter did not have to give up much of her extracurricular activities while prepping for the SAT. In addition, Rick is extremely knowledgeable about the test and knows exactly how to help you prep your weakest areas. Especially, his essay feedback extremely helpful, and my daughter ended up with a higher score than many of my peers who attended summer-long SAT camps. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone looking to raise their test scores! -Parent of Jessica L., class of 2019


Rick is fantastic. He’s very experienced with the tests so he’s basically reverse engineered all the patterns and algorithms that go into making them. His feedback on essays is very thorough and constructive. His tutoring gave me a lot of confidence going into the test and I ended up getting a total of 3 questions wrong on the entire SAT. He really helps you understand why you got certain questions wrong and how to recognize the same types of questions in the future and how to answer them correctly. I highly recommend Rick for everyone. -Student Nick Y., class of 2017


Excellent experience and results. With just four 1 hour tutoring sessions, Rick helped improve my child’s math score 90 points from the PSAT to the new SAT, exceeding our goals. My child found Rick to be very engaging, a pleasure to work with and able to simplify complex subjects. Highly recommended. -Parent of Adam K., class of 2017


I am so thankful for everything you did to help teach and  encourage Rayna. She was accepted to all colleges she applied to and was given scholarship money to Loyola University.

-Parent of Rayna M., class of 2017

Frequently Asked Questions:

For all online sessions, you will work personally with Rick, founder and owner of the company, author of the 122-page SAT curriculum book available ONLY through these courses and another SAT Writing book available on Amazon, Princeton graduate, perfect scorer on SAT and ACT, and over 8 years of tutoring experience.

We implement cutting edge whiteboard and videoconferencing technology to create a classroom experience that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world.  See for a demonstration of how the online tutoring works.

Over the summer, Monday through Saturday between 10am and 9pm. During the schoolyear, afterschool and Saturdays. Please call us to discuss options.

The homework level varies from 1-5 hours per week. The amount of homework starts off modestly until all of the basic strategies have been covered, after which students are expected to practice and review in each section each week. Of course the program will be most effective if all of the homework is completed, but there is still an expectation of a great increase in knowledge about the test content without full completion of the entirety of the homework assigned.

Cancellations without 36 hours notice are charged the cost of the session.

After taking the test several times and achieving perfect scores, Rick has reverse engineered the types of questions and content for the SAT. A 122-page booklet of original material is provided to each student, basically a distillation of how a perfect scoring test expert would think about each type of question and the strategies used to most efficiently solve each type of problem.

After an initial review of questions from the homework, students are introduced to strategies and practice questions and given the RK Test Prep method of solution as well as items to consider concerning these. Students are encouraged to ask questions and given opportunities to practice each type of question and problem to promote mastery.

Yes, all of the material covered applies equally to the PSAT as well as the SAT.

The recent redesign of the SAT has aligned the test content much more with the ACT, so at least 80% of the material and strategies will help prepare students for the ACT as well.

We recommend students who desire additional instruction consider additional one-on-one tutoring to address areas that they need additional help with.