Availability – send email with chosen times

and can deposit below or use discounted rates to send deposit via venmo as per my email

OPTION #1 1-on-1 Prep currently 7 5 spots 1-1 prep left with Rick for OCT test



As to location, in person sessions will be held at my home office in Glen Mills, and address provided upon deposit. For reference it is close by Thornbury Park/Cheyney University/Rustin HS. We no longer have an office in the borough of West Chester, which makes parking much easier.

Sessions will be held in well-ventilated room with desk right next to double-wide screened door which is kept open as are all windows. I will remain 6 feet away and have been vaccinated and students will be required to complete the health checklist the schools have been requiring before they go to school affirming their not being exposed/symptomatic. Students can choose to wear a mask or not in the 1-on-1 sessions with me, but I will not wear a mask for these 1-1 sessions.  If any of this doesn’t work then feel free to do the online option.

For the GROUP sessions we WILL require students to wear masks and complete health checklist before each session as per what the WC schools have been doing and tutors have been vaccinated and will wear masks as per whatever the current recommendations outline. If restrictions lessen, then we will follow whatever latest protocol is.

Rates are below and note discounts for payment via venmo. If interested in proceeding, follow 3 steps below.

1.       please email desired times from https://rktestprep.com/availability/ page – choose 5 hrs worth of times from the dates in red (2 2-hr sessions and 1 1-hr session) and then 1 weekly time slot from the options in green for the last 5 hours (6 50-min sessions beginning late July) OR if want group class please indicate this. For the first 5 hours recommend at least one of these be before the 4th of July if possible, and these don’t need to be spaced out too much so can be 2 sessions in same week for these, not a problem. Also note that any of those 2-hr times can be broken up into 1-hr blocks. Please reload/check that page before you email as I will update it in close to real-time as slots are taken.

2.       Email me best mailing address to send out the paper documents if taking classes online

3. DO NOT SEND MONEY FOR 1-1 PREP UNTIL WE HAVE CONFIRMED TIMES, SCHEDULE MAY BE FULL. To reserve the times, please make $1250 deposit at that same page via credit card or for discounted rates send $1250 deposit via venmo. Email for venmo information If for any reason need to cancel, full refund less $100 materials/mailing fee will be issued if notify before June 1st for group and June 15th for 1-1 prep. After those dates no refunds.

Upon receipt of payment I will email pre-work (and paper documents for online students). All materials provided with exception of $13 textbook https://www.amazon.com/Official-SAT-Study-Guide-2020/dp/1457312190/  that contains additional practice tests that you will need to purchase on your own. 

 Cancellations or rescheduling without 24 hours notice will be charged cancellation fee equal to cost of a 1-hr session. If 24-hour notice is provided, there will be no charge for cancellations/rescheduling.  For the group sessions students will receive videos of missed lessons or for fee can reschedule the session as 1-1 prep if tutor’s schedule allows.

 Any questions please let me know. thanks,


2021 RATES:

Inperson with Rick 10 hrs $2700 by credit card (or $2600 by venmo)

Inperson 7 hrs with Rick $1950 cc (or $1875 by venmo)[for students w/PSAT/SAT prescores>1300 this is a possible option]

ONLINE 16 hrs with other tutor $1875 cc (or $1800 by venmo)[Other tutor available online only]

Class Mondays 830-1030am starting June 28th through August 23rd 18 hrs total, 6 students max, in person $1250 credit card or 1200 venmo, 5 hrs with Rick, 13 with other tutor

Any 1-1 prep above available as online for slightly lower fee (take 8% off fees above for online rates).

FOR THE OCT TEST 1-1 PREP PROGRAM WITH RICK, PLEASE Choose any 5 hrs from here:


Sat 7/31 8-945am or 315-415pm (this 2nd one online only)

Sun 8/1 8-850am

Tues 8/3 915-1015am or 130-220pm

Weds 8/4 1240-120pm or 330-450pm

Thurs 8/5 815-915am or 920-1020am or 815-1015am

Fri 8/6 1020-1120am or 230-330pm or 340-440pm

Sat 8/7 415-515pm (online only)

Sun 8/8 8-850am or 3-4pm

Mon 8/9 1135-1225pm

Tues 8/10 330-430pm (online only)

Weds 8/11 920-1020am or 345-445pm (online only)

Thurs 8/12 410-510pm (online only)

Sat 8/14 405-505pm (online only)

Sun 8/15 430-530pm (online only)

Mon 8/16 1140-1230pm

Tues 8/17 805-905am

Sat 8/28 120-220pm or 230-330pm

Sun 8/29 8-9am or 910-1010am or 1210-110pm or1210-210pm or 220-320pm

+choose 1 weekly time for last 5 hrs (these 5 1-hr sessions begin the week of aug 29)

+ Sundays 915-1015am or 1025-1125am or 135-235pm or Wednesdays 505-605pm

– OPTION 3 GROUP CLASS Dates below!

Class Wednesdays 615-815pm 16 hrs total, 6 students max, in person in Glen Mills, $1250 credit card or 1200 venmo, 7 hrs with Rick, 9 hrs with other expert level tutor [ 2 spots left]