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OPTION #1 1-on-1 Prep
Choose any 5 hours total worth of sessions from here for 10-hour 1-1 prep (Hours, not sessions, so would be 2 2-hr sessions + 1 1-hr session OR 1 2-hr session and 3 1-hr sessions
Fri 1/22 610-710pm or 715-815pm
Fri 1/29 715-815pm
Tues 2/2 710-810pm
Tues 2/9 710-810pm
Thurs 2/11 710-810pm
Mon 2/15 845-945am or 10am-12pm or 315-415pm
Tues 2/16 605-705pm or 710-810pm or 605-805pm
Thurs 2/18 5-6pm or 605-705pm or 605-805pm or 505-705pm
Tues 2/23 710-810pm
Tues 3/2 605-705pm or 710-810pm
Tues 3/9 605-705pm or 710-810pm
Sun 3/14 4-450pm
Tues 3/16 5-6pm or 605-705pm or 710-810pm
Sun 3/21 9-10am or 1005-1105am or 1115-1215pm or 1225-125pm or 130-230pm or 4-5pm
+choose 1 weekly time for last 5 hrs (these 6 50-minute sessions begin the week of jan 30-31) – please give 1st and 2nd preferred choices for these
[THESE ONLY FOR 7- or 10-Hr programs]
Thursdays 505-605pm
fridays 6-650pm
saturdays 115-205pm

Sample Schedule for 1-on-1 (10 hours of prep+videos):


5-hrs of  sessions sometime in Dec/Jan plus 50 mins each week as per below…

Week of Jan 28
Week of Feb 4
Week of Feb 11
Week of Feb 18
Week of Feb 25
Week of March 4

Sat Mar 6 8-1130am practice test
March 13 SAT Test

OPTION #2    Group + 1-1 prep GEARED TOWARDS MARCH SAT ONLY (best suited for those who want many many hours of tutoring) – can take the group class below plus add 4 1-on-1 prep hours with me (likely close to test date), cost would be $1699 and would be 24 hours of prep total. Again best for those who want the extra instruction. Access to same material would be available with 1-1 prep with me, but the additional hours would be sent via recorded video lesson rather than the live group sessions. To select this, can pay for group sessions now and balance for 1-1 later

OPTION #3 For group prep, 9 weeks sundays 9-11am…20 hrs of instruction…8 taught by me, 12 by other tutor+ 3.5 hr online-proctored practice test + all materials with exception of textbook…+ additional video lessons and solutionsall sessions recorded if missed can view at later date Sessions are all 9-11am and in the last 6 weeks the other tutor will stay late 20 mins bonus covering individual questions.

No max number of students, all sessions online.

999 venmo paid upfront

or 1049 by venmo if pay in 2 installments

or 1049 credit card paid upfront at webpage

– Dates below!!!

Sun 1/10 1015-1215pm (just this date is later time, all rest are 9-11am)

Sun 1/17 9-11am

Sun 1/24 9-11am

Sun 1/31 9-1120am

Sun 2/7 9-1120am

Sun 2/14 9-1120am

Sun 2/21 9-1120am

Sun 2/28 9-1120am

Sat 3/6 8-1130am online proctored practice test

Sun 3/7 9-1120am